I believe that we with mindful yoga movements can increase physical and mental health and reduce stress. yoga is for everyone, independent of body type, flexibility or age .   

If you join a class with me you'll be taught with ease and peace.  The different styles I teach are adaptable to all levels. Through conscious breathwork (pranayama) we explore asanas and their function in body and mind. We focus on presence and awareness in the movements and positions to feel and understand our bodies on a deeper level. By strengthening muscles,increasing flexibility and our physical and mental balance our body will be released from stress, tension and pain. 

Fanny Yoga

"We can not do yoga, it is our natural state. We can do yoga exercises, which may reveal to us where we are resisting our natural state.  "


Yogastyles I teach

Fanny Yoga Workshops


Deepen your knowledge with a workshop specially designed for you and your requests! Gather some friends or put yoga on the agenda on your next kickoff or event. 

Previous workshops have been held in breathwork, yoga for tennisplayers, terapeutic yoga, yinyoga, balancing asanas, alignment in the positions, stressreducing yoga etc.