I’ve never painted before, can I join?

Yes, the Vedic Art course is for everyone regardless if you’re a professional artist or beginner.

I’ve been to artschool, is this course for me?

Yes absolutely. Thite s course is focusing on the opposite of what we learn in artschool and I guarantee you’ll change perspective and open up to new ways to create.

Can I come alone?

Yes. You will be surrounded by great and creative company.

How old can I be to join?

I recommend adults, from around 16 and up till 100 to join. In some cases it’s possible to join even if you’re younger in company of parent or other adult. I do organize teen and kids painting workshops too.

What do I need to bring?

Check the materials and you will know what to bring. The stores where you can find material are artists stores, hardwarestores, hobbystores and sometimes even in your house or in nature.

In what language will the course be held?

Depending on each course and location. In sweden its almost always in swedish. Look into each coursedate for more details.

How much does it cost?

Each course is special, depending on place, length and whats included. For further informarion please look into each coursedate.

What’s included in the price?

All courses will be provided with a lot of materials and paint. However you do need to invest in a few things before. Take a look on materials and you will know whats needed. To see exactly what’s included please see details on chosen coursedate.