I believe you're creative and that everyone can paint.



I’m sure it’s a very natural thing to create and that it's essential for our well being. If nothing is expected and nothing can be wrong, we allow ourselves to open up to endless possibilities. Through paint we can start this expressive, intuitive process that will reflect creativity both on and off the canvas. 

Vedic Art


Kickstart your inner creativity with a new and fun way of painting! Through 17 steps we let go of expectations and shift focus from result to presence in the creative process.  In a relaxing idyllic environment you'll refill your energy and explore your personal expression. Throughout the course you will learn about colors, shapes and different painting techniques through demonstration and one on one tutoring. You'll learn to transform nothing into something, increasing your creative skills both on and off the canvas. This course is for all levels such as first time painters as well as for more experienced artists looking for new perspectives. 


Vedic art, just like yoga and ayurveda, comes from the vedic tradition where the belief is that we already have all the knowledge and answers within us. Through shifting the focus from result to process we aim to stay present in the moment.

Be part of a creative community

Learn about colors, shapes and painting techniques in a creative and curious community. You'll meet interesting people and make new connections meanwhile increasing your skills in how to be present and expressive. These weekends tend to be filled with laughter, sharing and great conversation. 

Course timeline

The Vedic Art basic course is a six day course divided into three weekends. You can choose to sign up for all three weekends (the full course) or pick one weekend at the time. 

Weekend 1

Introduction and review of step 1-8

weekend 2

Repetition and review of step 9-14

Weekend 3

Repetition review of step 15-17

Your investment

Each course is unique and to see prices and whats included for each specific course/workshop please see "Upcoming" . The groups are small with a maximum of 10 people which gives a lot of one on one guidance and reflection. After finishing the full course you will receive a small original painting from Fanny.


Many of the courses are held in my studio just north of Stockholm surrounded by a beautiful nature and tranquility. Some courses are held in other places in Sweden and around the world. Please see "Upcoming" for more info and details of each course location. 

Sign up!

Are you ready to join days of creative learning and community? Send and email to fanny_larsson@live.se with your name and which weekends you want to join. You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours.   


"The Vedic Art with Fanny is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding courses I've ever done! I warmly recommend this to everyone who wants to express themselves in colors without any stress!" - Eva Abrahamsson